Welcome to the EGEE 120 Term Project website!

This website will be used by students in EGEE 120 to post and share the information that they have collected, organized and reflected upon for their term project.  You will find that the topics here are rather focused and narrow in scope.  Students have been asked to choose a topic that would be of interest to others in the the class and that it is related to current events.

Please feel free to post comments for the authors that have contributed to this site.

PLEASE NOTE: Other courses may post projects in ANGEL, and being within the course management system these posts in ANGEL are viewable only by the others in the class.  The intention of  this website is different.  What students will be publishing will be viewable by others on the internet interested in these topics.  Our goal is to create a repository of projects that others will find valuable as they investigate and think about these topics.